Let's face it. Most employers do not have the right resources to validate the skill sets for each and every job function.

As a result, better qualified candidates often go unnoticed because of poorly structured resumes and perhaps lack of verbal skills.

Despite spending quality time, money and expensive resources, the employer loses a more suitable candidate and engages a not-so-suitable candidate. And the deserving candidate undergoes the unsettling experience of losing the opportunity despite being the best suited person for the job.

So, how can this gap be addressed ?

EPFhub introduces the revolutionary concept of "Certfication".

The Certfication process involves validating the candidate's skills, knowledge and experience through verification of related documents and a face-to-face interview by a specialist in that particular skill set or domain.

This process will be managed by Certfication Agencies, who undergo strict selection and approval process.

The Certfication Agency can assign ratings and provide observations / comments against EPFs . The Certfication Agency, however, cannot modify any EPF at all. Likewise, the candidate cannot modify Certfication ratings either.

The benefits of Certfication for candidates and employers are notably substantial.

  • The candidate's EPF is now authenticated by an independent, specialized and approved Certfication Agency and, hence has enhanced credibility
  • The employer can save the effort involved in validating the certified skills
  • The candidate can now show visible value to prospective employers
  • The employer is benefited by shortening the process of identifying suitable candidates

Employers can continually rate the agencies, and thus ensure quality and ethical practices.

Click Here to find a list of approved Certfication Agencies in your region.

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