How can EPFhub, their associates and eCertifying agencies benefit your organization?

Help us to identify if EPFhub can, indeed, free you and your team from the frustrations of Recruitment and Resource Management.

Please pick the right answer for the following points as it relates to your organization.

Observation True False
From the heaps of resumes received, it is so easy for us to identify candidates who exactly match our criteria (Qualification, Experience, Skills etc.).
It takes us only a few minutes to sort thousands of resumes in terms of work permits, salary expectations, location etc.
Our HR staff can sort thousands of resumes and provide an accurate report on the details of candidates who have applied.
The resumes that we receive are well-structured, comprehensive and of uniform layout.
It is just a simple exercise to interview and validate each of the numerous resumes in terms of the skill levels claimed by each candidate.
We have the ability to receive resumes with certified skill ratings, allowing us to save time, money and effort in the selection process.
Our Resource Management Group can identify the best-fit employees against daily project requirements from our company’s available employees list.
Total 0 7

If you have answered "False" to any of the above, you will be glad that you came across EPFhub!

The EPF concept enables all the above!

Set your own Search Criteria to filter resumes instantly based on your SKE (Skills, Knowledge, Experience) requirements.

Effective and accurate sorting of thousands of resumes that has always been a grossly time-consuming task, is now made simple and instantaneous - thanks to the already available innovative global standard for electronic Portfolio (EPF).

You can also receive EPFs that have been validated and endorsed by approved Certfication Agencies. This saves you valuable time and frees expensive resources for more important tasks.

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