EPFhub is the outcome of continual Research and Development efforts of a group of corporate houses and HR professionals to evolve a unified standards-based solution for creating and processing resumes.

We recognize the colossal wastage of time - resources, time and money - for both the employers and the employees because no two resumes look the same. We are committed to bridge this gap between the employers and the employees worldwide with a unified standards-based EPF format applied to resumes.

The generic world of electronic portfolios is, indeed, large - spanning portfolios of diverse nature for varied purposes; not necessarily just resumes. However, at EPFhub, we are focussing on Employment Portfolios (EPF) that is an ongoing challenge for the HR industry because of lack of a common worldwide search-able resume format.

EPFhub follows the international standards for ePortfolio which is now gaining fast acceptance and credence in the HR world.

Together with its Associates and Certfication Agencies, EPFhub's mission is to deliver the ultimate and most comprehensive solution for creating, searching, sorting, short-listing, validating and managing EPFs.

Our vision is to become the most-preferred unified format resume source, worldwide.


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