"Gone are the days when "Long-Term-Loyalty" at work was a reality", says the Corporate World.

Perhaps Employee Turnover trend cannot be controlled. But Employee Recruitment processes can surely be made more efficient and easy.

The challenge that organizations and job seekers have in common - a highly time consuming, resource intensive and expensive one at that - is the lack of a common, standardized and internationally accepted "format" for resumes. Employers cannot "Search" and "Sift" suitable candidates from thousands of applicants with common text-based resumes.

Thanks to the introduction of e-Portfolio (EPF), employers and employees can benefit from a common standard format for resumes.

Employers and recruiters worldwide can receive, view, sort, analyze, short-list and review details of candidates exactly as per their specific requirements, benefiting from the universal standard EPF format.

Thousands of portfolios can be sorted and short-listed instantly to find exact or best-fit matches of the skills, knowledge and experience (SKE) requirements and specifications, thereby saving hundreds of man-hours and thousands of dollars.

Likewise, candidates who create their resumes in the EPF format can easily and freely create, edit and upload their EPFs for pursuing their career with any organization worldwide.

Note that with the use of EPF format, candidates do not have to re-type or fine-tune their resume to match the employers' advertised format.

It is a true case of one-size-fits-all: it is one-EPF-suits-all.

How it works: (For Job Applicants)

  • Candidate freely Creates / Edits / Updates their EPF in EPFhub.com
  • Candidate retains their EPFs (save to PC or in their email)
  • Candidate optionally obtains certification of his/her EPF by Registered
  • Certification Agencies
  • Candidate submits EPF to prospective Employers / Recruiters

How it works: (For Employers/Recruiters)

  • Organization invites resumes in EPF format, specifying exact SKE requirements
  • Candidates apply by submitting their EPFs
  • Organization "instantly" sorts / short-lists / finds "Exact / Best-fit matches" according to their SKE requirements and specifications
  • Organization rates Certification Agency to help maintain high levels of certifying standards

How it works: (For Certfication Agencies)

  • Certification Agency (CA) registers for Specific Domain Expertise and agree to Terms & Conditions related to fair practices and unbiased rating system
  • Candidates approach registered CAs for rating of their skillsets. (This is generally a paid-service and each CA independently decides the charges applicable)
  • Employers rate the CA's Expertise based on the Candidate's actual skillsets vs. rating (This works as a positive or negative feedback for each CA such that Candidates and Organizations may independently opt for preferred Certification Agencies)
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